Reasons Why You Should Be Masturbating Regularly February 17, 2019

Do you seriously need to be convinced to take time to please yourself? Apparently, some people do. So, we're here to let you know why it's imperative that you add in masturbation to your weekly or monthly routine, just as you would practice daily hygiene, eating healthy, mental wellness, etc.

5 Incognito Sex Toys For Your Daily Routine January 27, 2019

Let's be honest... sometimes your stressful day could really use a quick solution. What's the easiest way to calm tf down than some sexual pleasure?

If your main concern is getting caught at work, around town, or just on the go with your favorite little toy and being embarrassed beyond belief (which we disapprove of but understand)-- we have a bit of a shortcut.

Here Are 5 Incognito Sex Toys For Your Daily Routine

Affordable and adorable, the Tenga Iroha Stick can be found on Amazon for less than $20. It's battery operated and is more powerful than you'd expect. Once you uncap the top, it reveals a silicon bullet vibrator created specifically to cup your clitoris like it's never been cupped before. With multiple speed options and water-resistance, why would you ever take this out of your purse? 

If you're gonna wear lipstick, then it's only right that you're probably applying foundation, too, right? Well, the Unboundbabes' Squish Vibrator looks like all of our favorite beauty blender eggs, but it does much more than help make us feel pretty. This rechargeable, waterproof intuitive vibrator changes up to five different modes by the squeeze of your hand. It makes minimum sound and only costs $99!

Keeping in the spirit of incognito outerwear, there's the Rose Gold Crave Vesper Necklace, also found on Amazon. This $79 pleasure piece looks exactly like something you could hold around in your hand or swing from your neck. PS: word on the street is that it's one of the strongest orgasm-inducing vibrations out there. The metal mixed with the three settings on this bad boy definitely does its job and then some. Oh, and don't forget to clean it before you wear it and place it in our pleasure box when you're done! 

Believe it or not, there's a discreet thong that exists with a special pocket specially made for you and your vibrator. Can you imagine all the many places you can take your little new best friend? Lovehoney's Remote Control Vibrating Black Lace Thong is one-size-fits-most and is complete with five vibration settings on a remote control. This could be a fun solo night out or a stimulating experience with a partner at home or elsewhere. The design hugs your clitoris and doesn't provide a bulky look, whatsoever. Who knew?

If you're not into jewelry, makeup, or sexy lingerie, we have just the right sex toy for you: Lelo's Picobong TransformerLooking like an anti-stress neck reliever, this double trouble vibrator can make function as several different pleasure toys, like a rabbit vibrator, clitoral massager, cock-ring, G-spot stimulator, prostate massager, and more. It's one of our favorite gender-neutral sex toys for $129 bucks. Plus, we bet it actually could work just fine as a neck massager, too! 


PS: if you end up buying any of the aforementioned, let us know! Then, buy a beautiful pleasure box to keep it clean and untouched!


Here's How To Release Body Stress For A Good Night January 21, 2019

 Men and women alike tend to hold stress in all parts of their body that often get in the way of a healthy, productive day. Of course, sex is known as a helpful tactic to alleviate that stress, but if you've ever experienced a passionate night of tight hips, then you know it doesn't always help.

Here are some tips -- not just for sex, but for an overall great night or morning -- to release that tension in your body for overall greater body health.

First thing's first: be aware.

Most people hold tension in their jaw, brows, neck, shoulders, and hips. Just the simple knowledge of this fact can help you in alleviating this habit. For instance, now that you know this, take a minute and listen to your body. Pay attention to each of these separate parts. Did you find tense shoulders? A clenched jaw? Knitted brow? Stiff neck, shoulder, or hips? Probably.

Here's what you can do:

For the jaw: Open and close your mouth. As wide as possible. For as long as possible for each opening. Yawn to stretch it wider. If you feel like a complete idiot doing this, try a quick session of Lion's Breath with Adriene so that you feel less alone.

For the brows: You can start with "the great rub," where you "place the index and middle fingers of both hands in the middle of your forehead." The goal is to hit the pressure point. Secondly, you can try the eyebrow method: "inhale deeply while closing and squinting your eyes tightly, and then exhale while you release the tension and open your eyes." Do this 3-4 times. Feel the difference?

For the neck: If you're someone who works or just functions on a computer and/or phone daily, you may find that neck tension comes around more often than you realize. Start with a gentle neck roll, rolling your head from side to side, up and down, then eventually 'round and 'round. Gently. No fast moves. Keep it nice and slow. Shoutout to Usher.

For the shoulders: Fun fact, according to Psychology Todaythe trapezoid muscles that hold up your neck weighs 10 pounds! Try to relieve this stress by inhaling and lifting your shoulders up to your ears. Hold this as long as possible. When you exhale, your shoulders should go back down with the blades moving towards each other for a good stretch. Finally, back to a relaxed state. Repeat these 2-3 times.

For the hips: Many yoga practitioners have reported that the hips are the holding place of negative emotions. It's also been found to be connected to tension in the jaw, so if you're having issues, um.. opening up either... try both tips! One way, if you have the time: do a quick 5-10 minute session of meditation. Additionally or otherwise, you could also do physical relievers such as hip-opening yoga poses (Reclining Bound Angle, Thread the Needle Pose, Happy Baby Pose, Seated Twist, and Seated with Legs Extended). Dutty wines, twerks, and just general-range of motioning the hips around in a circle are great relievers, too. If you still feel like none of these are for you, or you're still not as loose as you'd like, take a quick google and find plenty of things you can do from using tennis balls to youtube tutorials.


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3 Tips For A Spicier Sex Life In 2019 January 13, 2019

Let’s not forget that sex statistically helps you sleep well, relieve stress, burns calories, improves healthy skin, increases immunity, and a long list of other great benefits. And remember-- this isn’t just from skin-to-skin, but pleasure. Here are 3 tips that can help you improve your sexual health this year!

A Word From Our Founder January 07, 2019

To be completely transparent, I've struggled with what to say to greet you again. A friend asked me what it was that I've been afraid to say out loud. I’ll start there. 

My Real Life 50 Shades of Grey Experience February 18, 2017

Here is how our founder, Lidia Bonilla, describes her first professional submission training session. 

Ask a Sexpert With King Noire - Fetish Trainer and Adult Entertainer February 05, 2016

In this week's Ask A Sexpert, we interviewed King Noire, an expert fetishist, intimacy coach, Erotic Touch Masseuse and porn star about the importance of his work and why he believes in breaking antiquated sexual taboos. We love getting a male perspective. 

Plume: What sexual taboo would you like to see broken or lifted?

King Noire: All of them!!!  As long as it is between consenting adults and doesn't involve children, animals or unwilling participants it should not be viewed as taboo. What turns us on as individuals is as broad and diverse as the people doing and getting turned on by all of these wonderful things. That being said my turn on, fetish or kink does not have to be yours or yours mine. In order for taboos to be broken or lifted as a whole people have to collectively not want to force their views on sex & sexuality on others or judge those who are different. All taboos should be smashed and broken so we can be free to explore healthy sex lives. Healthy sex lives lead to healthy lives in general.                                                               

Plume: How do you define pleasure?  

KN: Pleasure for me comes from many different places. Sexually nothing pleases me more than pleasing others. It's part of what led me to the work I do. When I have a client tell me that we have found a new spot on her body that she never knew of before it gives me deep pleasure to where I feel it in my body. Or when we do work with a couple and the hit us back months later and say they are expecting a child and it has a part due to our intimacy coaching or fetish training. I also derive pleasure from taking control of my partner or subs body and pushing the limits beyond what they thought they were capable of orgasmically. I'm an exhibitionist so being on film, in pictures and being watched not only turns me on but heightens my orgasms. The physical pleasure is only a part of the whole. True pleasure is beyond just physical.                                                                                                                    

Plume: How do you define self-love and what do you do to provide self-love for yourself?

KN: Self love starts with acceptance. Acceptance of who we are for both our triumphs and failures as well as our commendable traits and flaws. I am still actively working on loving myself better. As with all forms of love it takes constant work. I provide it in exercising, eating clean as possible and I'm working on setting aside time to decompress. As we get better at loving ourselves we in turn become better lovers to our partners.
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Ask (ME) The Sexpert, Lidia Bonilla - Chief Provocateur January 29, 2016

This week my team voted me the resident sexpert. Here's why I do what I do with Plume! 

What sexual taboo would you like to see broken or lifted?

The assumption that if you talk about pleasure, sex toys or masturbation, you must be a freak. I want to disconnect the term ‘freak’ from sex.  

How do you define pleasure?  

What feels good. Children and animals don’t make this deep. It feels good, do it. If doesn’t, then don’t.

How do you define self-love and what do you do to provide self-love for yourself?

Self love is an action and not a concept. I provide self love anytime I do something for myself, not because I earned or deserved it. Just because I am. I practice self love when I get a massage because my body is sore, when I masturbate because I feel like it. Self love is walking out on bad dates. Self love is creating your dreams.

Ask a Sexpert, Featuring Sex Educator Ericka Hart January 22, 2016

Our fabulous sexpert of the week, Ericka Hart, youth sex educator and all-around powerful lady answers our questions about all things pleasurable!

Plume: As a sex educator, how soon do you think young people should be having conversations about sex?

EH: As early as they can speak. Children need to understand their bodies. "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes" is taught to two year olds. What if we said- "breasts, vagina, butt" too? We make sex/sexuality an adult thing and it's not. It's a part of us in the womb. These conversations need to be had to combat the idea that sex is wrong or secret. Having this conversation out in the open allows for more conversations and less discomfort. What sexual taboo would you like to see broken or lifted? I'm not sure if this is a taboo or more of a stigma, but I would love to see people stop shaming people for having STDs/STIs. Just about everyone has them. You will be ok. It's not the end of the world. You are not dirty if you have one. You can still have amazing sex with one or many.

Plume: How do you define pleasure?

EH: I define pleasure as something that makes you insanely happy but leans more on the arousal side of happy. How do you define self-love and what do you do to provide self-love for yourself? I define self love as feeding yourself power. An act that empowers you to conquer each day. I love singing and selfies! Great acts of self love!

Ask a Sexpert, Featuring Ms. Lana (If Your Nasty) January 17, 2016

Let's all join hands in welcoming one of our resident sexperts, Ms. Lana! Hailing from the island of Kingston, Jamaica and an NYC resident, Lana is a proud 69-year old retired registered nurse (“I should have gotten my masters in Sexology”) and self-proclaimed sexpert. She joins House of Plume in relishing in all things pleasurable and answers our question, what do you think women need to know about sexual pleasure?

Ms. Lana: For years women have been faking it. You can't fake it. Sometimes you need to tell men where they need to go. Sometimes you need to talk! I had no problem telling men where to go, I have to get mine too! My thing is that if I'm going to spend the time with you, then you need to make it worth my while.

I was a late bloomer and when I got started, I was a lioness. I came into my own. My first experience was with an older guy and he didn’t know what he was doing and I thought he did. It’s not what you have, it’s how you use it. I know this guy who had the longest penis I had ever seen, my ex-husband’s was shorter but it was fat and we had some good times. Then I had a Jewish guy who had a big one and knew how to use it. When you go out for a meal you talk about what kind of food you like and all those types of things, but people don't talk about sex and what they like - and this is so important. How is anyone going to know what you like if you don’t tell them or show them? You can always learn something from someone else. I had a friend who told me she always feels like she is peeing on herself when she is having sex and I said well then – that means you are having good sex!

Listen, I am here for the pleasures of life. I am a proud hedonist. I eat well, I drink well, I buy what I like. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Haayyyy from the Founder December 23, 2015

We changed our name from MUA Box. Too often we were confused with makeup and it just blurred our message. You were confused and we were confused why you were confused.

I started this company because sex toys needed a better place than my dresser drawer. I toiled at banks during the day to fund my dream. I thought I was taking an idea out of my head and into the world, but I was really designing my life. Dream by dream, action by action. Plume was born and so was my journey of living a pleasurable life. 

Plume is about the pursuit of unapologetic, abundant pleasure while being comfortable in your own skin. Plume’s Playroom is a place for you to get the latest on sex and intimacy and my inner ramblings about things I am obsessed with. I wish you a life of asking for what you want and not giving any fucks about it. 


Lidia Bonilla
Chief Provocateur

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