5 Instagrams You Should Be Following To Boost Your Self-Love & Sex Life April 25, 2019

Although social media is often criticized for being too judgy, too invasive and too personal-- those who make the best use of its time know that it can be one of the greatest sources of empowerment, too.

Whether you're interested in losing weight or gaining muscles, switching up your diet, finding love, changing careers, or simply engaging with like-minded persons, you can literally find your tribe on any social platform if you know where to look!

For those of you who may be in need of a boost to your self-love and sex life, I have a few suggestions below. Feel free to send us some of your own favorites after following us on the socials, too!  

Necessary Tips And Precautions For Anal Sex Exploration April 17, 2019

For those of you interested in anal sex who may not have explored, this is for you. But there are also some important facts you anal dwellers out there may need to recall as well!

For one, don’t think of anal as an anomaly anymore. According to reports, 20% of women (20-39) and men (25-49) have explored the bootiful sensation in the last year. That’s up by nearly 10% since 1993.

8 Kinks And Fetishes To Try For Fun April 10, 2019

To save you the trouble, here are eight fetishes and kinks (other than BDSM) that may be fun to explore sooner than later.  

10 Foods That Will Undoubtedly Increase Your Sex Drive March 27, 2019

We're not here to be your nutritionist, but we must say-- it is well known that what you eat is what you are!

That's why men and women are encouraged to eat more citrus to give their bodily fluids a more desired taste for oral. That's also why what you're putting into your body may be slowing down your desire and your performance in bed.

Well, we're here to help! Here are 10 foods that will undoubtedly increase your sex drive.

14 Tweets That Accurately Depict Love And Marriage (And Everything In Between) March 17, 2019

Love and marriage have been known as the pentacle of societal goals for centuries. It wasn't until recent decades where this notion that one must be married to reach one's full potential has been thrown out by men and women, alike. Of course-- we're thankful that women are being seen as more valuable in the world than an accessory for reproduction! But to say that finding your life partner isn't desired would be a definite stretch for most. Even so, marriage and partnerships are known to have their own challenges. 

Here are 14 tweets that accurately depict love and marriage and everything else in-between!

Reasons Why You Should Be Masturbating Regularly February 17, 2019

Do you seriously need to be convinced to take time to please yourself? Apparently, some people do. So, we're here to let you know why it's imperative that you add in masturbation to your weekly or monthly routine, just as you would practice daily hygiene, eating healthy, mental wellness, etc.

5 Incognito Sex Toys For Your Daily Routine January 27, 2019

Let's be honest... sometimes your stressful day could really use a quick solution. What's the easiest way to calm tf down than some sexual pleasure?

If your main concern is getting caught at work, around town, or just on the go with your favorite little toy and being embarrassed beyond belief (which we disapprove of but understand)-- we have a bit of a shortcut.

Here's How To Release Body Stress For A Good Night January 21, 2019

 Men and women alike tend to hold stress in all parts of their body that often get in the way of a healthy, productive day. Of course, sex is known as a helpful tactic to alleviate that stress, but if you've ever experienced a passionate night of tight hips, then you know it doesn't always help.

Here are some tips -- not just for sex, but for an overall great night or morning -- to release that tension in your body for overall greater body health.

3 Tips For A Spicier Sex Life In 2019 January 13, 2019

Let’s not forget that sex statistically helps you sleep well, relieve stress, burns calories, improves healthy skin, increases immunity, and a long list of other great benefits. And remember-- this isn’t just from skin-to-skin, but pleasure. Here are 3 tips that can help you improve your sexual health this year!

A Word From Our Founder January 07, 2019

To be completely transparent, I've struggled with what to say to greet you again. A friend asked me what it was that I've been afraid to say out loud. I’ll start there. 

My Real Life 50 Shades of Grey Experience February 18, 2017

Here is how our founder, Lidia Bonilla, describes her first professional submission training session. 

Ask a Sexpert With King Noire - Fetish Trainer and Adult Entertainer February 05, 2016

In this week's Ask A Sexpert, we interviewed King Noire, an expert fetishist, intimacy coach, Erotic Touch Masseuse and porn star about the importance of his work and why he believes in breaking antiquated sexual taboos. We love getting a male perspective. 

Plume: What sexual taboo would you like to see broken or lifted?

King Noire: All of them!!!  As long as it is between consenting adults and doesn't involve children, animals or unwilling participants it should not be viewed as taboo. What turns us on as individuals is as broad and diverse as the people doing and getting turned on by all of these wonderful things. That being said my turn on, fetish or kink does not have to be yours or yours mine. In order for taboos to be broken or lifted as a whole people have to collectively not want to force their views on sex & sexuality on others or judge those who are different. All taboos should be smashed and broken so we can be free to explore healthy sex lives. Healthy sex lives lead to healthy lives in general.                                                               

Plume: How do you define pleasure?  

KN: Pleasure for me comes from many different places. Sexually nothing pleases me more than pleasing others. It's part of what led me to the work I do. When I have a client tell me that we have found a new spot on her body that she never knew of before it gives me deep pleasure to where I feel it in my body. Or when we do work with a couple and the hit us back months later and say they are expecting a child and it has a part due to our intimacy coaching or fetish training. I also derive pleasure from taking control of my partner or subs body and pushing the limits beyond what they thought they were capable of orgasmically. I'm an exhibitionist so being on film, in pictures and being watched not only turns me on but heightens my orgasms. The physical pleasure is only a part of the whole. True pleasure is beyond just physical.                                                                                                                    

Plume: How do you define self-love and what do you do to provide self-love for yourself?

KN: Self love starts with acceptance. Acceptance of who we are for both our triumphs and failures as well as our commendable traits and flaws. I am still actively working on loving myself better. As with all forms of love it takes constant work. I provide it in exercising, eating clean as possible and I'm working on setting aside time to decompress. As we get better at loving ourselves we in turn become better lovers to our partners.
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