10 Foods That Will Undoubtedly Increase Your Sex Drive March 27, 2019

We're not here to be your nutritionist, but we must say-- it is well known that what you eat is what you are!

That's why men and women are encouraged to eat more citrus to give their bodily fluids a more desired taste for oral. That's also why what you're putting into your body may be slowing down your desire and your performance in bed.

Well, we're here to help! Here are 10 foods that will undoubtedly increase your sex drive.

1. Celery works similarly to Viagra.

Yes. You read that right.

One of the least favored green vegetables, celery, can do more for you than be a great accompaniment to peanut butter when you're feeling down. It contains arginine, an amino acid that expands your blood vessels; ps: it does the exact same thing Viagra does. It also has an aroma that triggers pheromones, attracting the opposite sex. So get right!

2. That watermelon rind you always discard has your answer to arousal.

Watermelon season is coming up which means you'll have more reasons to have great sex with another. The fruit has phytonutrient citrulline, which relaxes your blood vessels, causing smoother blood glow to your genitalia. You can get higher doses of the libido assistant by eating the rind that you usually ignore.

3. Bananas are the go-to for a dick joke, but its sexual elements is more for a romantic move than a comedy.

You can slip the banana into several things, but you'd be better off keeping it in your diet. Besides being a potassium booster, it also helps in muscle contraction which is said to be important for pleasurable sex. But it's also its bromelain increases testosterone, which has positive influences for women's sex drive.

4. Hot peppers will get you nice and steamy.

If you don't like hot foods, you might want to consider just trying it for a night or two. The hotter the pepper, the higher your metabolism and endorphins. It makes you sweat, makes your lips more luscious, and speeds up your heart rate which makes your sex experience 10x better. 

5. Seafood lovers can turn up the pressure with some oysters.

It's true. Oysters are naturally full of zinc which increases testosterone and hormones. And a lack of zinc has been linked to infertility. So, there's literally no reason not to indulge. It gives you strength and improves your sex. Why not? 

6. Pomegranate juice will grant you some much-needed sexual release. 

No more erectile dysfunction! Have you or someone you know been suffering from the issue? Pomegranates are scientifically proven to offer antioxidants that improve blood flow. Just add water -- there's a lot of sugar in that babe!

7. Yes, nuts are perfect for his sack. Seriously.

Pistachios, peanuts and walnuts, oh my! The pair are known to boost sexual stamina thanks to the amino acid L-arginine. The acid eventually builds up to a nitric gas which helps maintain erections. They also reduce cholesterol levels, which helps you get up and stay up!

8. Maca gotcha. (Tired of these headlines yet?)

Maca helps with stress, fatigue and depression! It can usually be found as a powder, so it's best served in your latte or smoothie, which is perfect for your day's start. But more importantly in this case, it improves your sexual performance. So, again, maca gotcha?


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