5 Incognito Sex Toys For Your Daily Routine January 27, 2019

Let's be honest... sometimes your stressful day could really use a quick solution. What's the easiest way to calm tf down than some sexual pleasure?

If your main concern is getting caught at work, around town, or just on the go with your favorite little toy and being embarrassed beyond belief (which we disapprove of but understand)-- we have a bit of a shortcut.

Here Are 5 Incognito Sex Toys For Your Daily Routine

Affordable and adorable, the Tenga Iroha Stick can be found on Amazon for less than $20. It's battery operated and is more powerful than you'd expect. Once you uncap the top, it reveals a silicon bullet vibrator created specifically to cup your clitoris like it's never been cupped before. With multiple speed options and water-resistance, why would you ever take this out of your purse? 

If you're gonna wear lipstick, then it's only right that you're probably applying foundation, too, right? Well, the Unboundbabes' Squish Vibrator looks like all of our favorite beauty blender eggs, but it does much more than help make us feel pretty. This rechargeable, waterproof intuitive vibrator changes up to five different modes by the squeeze of your hand. It makes minimum sound and only costs $99!

Keeping in the spirit of incognito outerwear, there's the Rose Gold Crave Vesper Necklace, also found on Amazon. This $79 pleasure piece looks exactly like something you could hold around in your hand or swing from your neck. PS: word on the street is that it's one of the strongest orgasm-inducing vibrations out there. The metal mixed with the three settings on this bad boy definitely does its job and then some. Oh, and don't forget to clean it before you wear it and place it in our pleasure box when you're done! 

Believe it or not, there's a discreet thong that exists with a special pocket specially made for you and your vibrator. Can you imagine all the many places you can take your little new best friend? Lovehoney's Remote Control Vibrating Black Lace Thong is one-size-fits-most and is complete with five vibration settings on a remote control. This could be a fun solo night out or a stimulating experience with a partner at home or elsewhere. The design hugs your clitoris and doesn't provide a bulky look, whatsoever. Who knew?

If you're not into jewelry, makeup, or sexy lingerie, we have just the right sex toy for you: Lelo's Picobong TransformerLooking like an anti-stress neck reliever, this double trouble vibrator can make function as several different pleasure toys, like a rabbit vibrator, clitoral massager, cock-ring, G-spot stimulator, prostate massager, and more. It's one of our favorite gender-neutral sex toys for $129 bucks. Plus, we bet it actually could work just fine as a neck massager, too! 


PS: if you end up buying any of the aforementioned, let us know! Then, buy a beautiful pleasure box to keep it clean and untouched!