8 Kinks And Fetishes To Try For Fun April 10, 2019

Sex isn't something that comes easy for anyone. Do you remember your first time? Most likely, it wasn't the best sex you ever had and for others, it may not have even been pleasant. 

The art of sex is all about learning what you like and what you don't like and having your desires understood as well as respecting your partner's needs.

That's where kinks and fetishes come in: how will you know what else is out there if you don't try? Of course, we're talking about within legal means. There are plenty of kinks and fetishes out there, some more outrageous than the other. In fact, the Bad Girls Bible published over 239 of them.

To save you the trouble, here are eight fetishes and kinks (other than BDSM) that may be fun to explore sooner than later.  

1. Begging.

Pleading for sex is a related to BDSM, as it is a form of submission, but it's among the least risky and can be a hell of a fun time for both parties. Begging and pleading can be done sexually to initiate sex, release an orgasm or perform an act during sex. If you need a playlist, Rihanna's "Kiss It Better" puts me in this mood more than anything else. You're welcome.

2. Role Play.

Yes, it's among the most popular kinks, but have you actually tried it? Dressing up for the special occasion can be rather simple from picking out office attire and pretending to be the boss or the employee. But you could also take it up a notch and buy a doctor's outfit to treat your 'patient' or a school girl outfit to entice the married 'professor.' Game of Thrones is soon to come so we wouldn't even be mad at some Jamie and Cersei love. There are also those out there who like to animate themselves in step-in costumes like Elmo or Spongebob and beyond. Whatever you find the most interesting, give it a go! (And feel free to tweet or DM us about it!)

3. Voyeurism.

You may need to attend a sex party to make this one happen because voyeurs most often need exhibitionists to pull this off. Voyeurs primarily get off by watching others getting it on and exhibitionists get off by knowing others are watching them get it in; so it's a kink party of epic proportions! When we speak about voyeurism from a kink perspective, we’re talking about consensual voyeurism. Peeping toms are punishable by law and is also just a major invasion of privacy. If you have yet to find another couple who can find excitement in your kink, pop in a porn. That's easily fixable.

4. Foot fetish.

Believe it or not, foot fetishes are more common than you may think; especially if you're cursed with being attracted to men (such as I am). But there are levels to it. Some only need to see the sight of beautiful feet to get off, while others like to use it as a starting point, feeling it, kissing it, massaging it, etc. Then, there are others who like to have it smushed on their face, in their mouth, or walked all over their body, back, or genital areas. The good news is that if you're the one whose partner has the kink, you can demand to be treated with weekly pedicures and massages. Not a bad life.

 5. Harpaxophilia. 

Most likely, you haven't heard of this one, but it had to be shared. Harpaxophilia is the fetish for being robbed. Most persons interested in this kink engaged in role playing that allows consensual non-consent; that is the practice of establishing the sex is consensual prior to one of the persons pretending to be non-consensual. You can imagine this would involve being stripped naked for all of your money, tied to a char, and bossed around your own home or bedroom. Not sure why, but I can't stop thinking about 50 Cent's "How To Rob." Maybe something to explore?

6. Impact Play.

A bit of masochism shouldn't (figuratively) hurt anyone... and not physically to the point of distress, either. Impact play is all about the use of anything impactful to add to your sex play. That includes hands, whips, paddles, belts or whatever may be available around the house that may cause very playful harm. Of course, consent is needed in this instance, especially if you or your partner are interested in some heavy duty play. It is advised that you only hit areas that are fatty, like butts and thighs. Anywhere near organs, especially the lower back or rib cage is ill advised. The play should not result in threatening harm. This can be explored with items around the home before deciding to take it a step further. Have fun and always have a safe word!

7. Zappers.

We recently discussed zappers in our previous post, 5 Incognito Sex Toys For Your Daily Routine. These jammies are also known as electric wands, where one partner can wear a device while the other controls when they're hit with the electrostimulation. In our post, this came up as the remote control vibrating thong. Although it was a less impactful version of the zap, the intention is the same. Zappers are completely safe and reportedly only feel like a sting. Now that we think about it, it could be used as a tool for the begger. It's definitely open for some dominant fun.

8. Pregnancy.

Yes, pregnancy can be a fetishism. You may have heard about how men are attracted to pregnant women and it's assumed that this is part of the reason. Some are attracted to the belly, regardless of who the baby's daddy is, and others are in it for the lactation. There are quite a few studies that also show pregnant women's pheromone may add to the enticement, while others say believe men are just intrigued to discover the sexual feeling. Whatever the case, as long as it's consensual, there is no shame and no blame.


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