Haayyyy from the Founder December 23, 2015

We changed our name from MUA Box. Too often we were confused with makeup and it just blurred our message. You were confused and we were confused why you were confused.

I started this company because sex toys needed a better place than my dresser drawer. I toiled at banks during the day to fund my dream. I thought I was taking an idea out of my head and into the world, but I was really designing my life. Dream by dream, action by action. Plume was born and so was my journey of living a pleasurable life. 

Plume is about the pursuit of unapologetic, abundant pleasure while being comfortable in your own skin. Plume’s Playroom is a place for you to get the latest on sex and intimacy and my inner ramblings about things I am obsessed with. I wish you a life of asking for what you want and not giving any fucks about it. 


Lidia Bonilla
Chief Provocateur