Ask a Sexpert, Featuring Sex Educator Ericka Hart January 22, 2016

Our fabulous sexpert of the week, Ericka Hart, youth sex educator and all-around powerful lady answers our questions about all things pleasurable!

Plume: As a sex educator, how soon do you think young people should be having conversations about sex?

EH: As early as they can speak. Children need to understand their bodies. "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes" is taught to two year olds. What if we said- "breasts, vagina, butt" too? We make sex/sexuality an adult thing and it's not. It's a part of us in the womb. These conversations need to be had to combat the idea that sex is wrong or secret. Having this conversation out in the open allows for more conversations and less discomfort. What sexual taboo would you like to see broken or lifted? I'm not sure if this is a taboo or more of a stigma, but I would love to see people stop shaming people for having STDs/STIs. Just about everyone has them. You will be ok. It's not the end of the world. You are not dirty if you have one. You can still have amazing sex with one or many.

Plume: How do you define pleasure?

EH: I define pleasure as something that makes you insanely happy but leans more on the arousal side of happy. How do you define self-love and what do you do to provide self-love for yourself? I define self love as feeding yourself power. An act that empowers you to conquer each day. I love singing and selfies! Great acts of self love!