Here's How To Release Body Stress For A Good Night January 21, 2019

 Men and women alike tend to hold stress in all parts of their body that often get in the way of a healthy, productive day. Of course, sex is known as a helpful tactic to alleviate that stress, but if you've ever experienced a passionate night of tight hips, then you know it doesn't always help.

Here are some tips -- not just for sex, but for an overall great night or morning -- to release that tension in your body for overall greater body health.

First thing's first: be aware.

Most people hold tension in their jaw, brows, neck, shoulders, and hips. Just the simple knowledge of this fact can help you in alleviating this habit. For instance, now that you know this, take a minute and listen to your body. Pay attention to each of these separate parts. Did you find tense shoulders? A clenched jaw? Knitted brow? Stiff neck, shoulder, or hips? Probably.

Here's what you can do:

For the jaw: Open and close your mouth. As wide as possible. For as long as possible for each opening. Yawn to stretch it wider. If you feel like a complete idiot doing this, try a quick session of Lion's Breath with Adriene so that you feel less alone.

For the brows: You can start with "the great rub," where you "place the index and middle fingers of both hands in the middle of your forehead." The goal is to hit the pressure point. Secondly, you can try the eyebrow method: "inhale deeply while closing and squinting your eyes tightly, and then exhale while you release the tension and open your eyes." Do this 3-4 times. Feel the difference?

For the neck: If you're someone who works or just functions on a computer and/or phone daily, you may find that neck tension comes around more often than you realize. Start with a gentle neck roll, rolling your head from side to side, up and down, then eventually 'round and 'round. Gently. No fast moves. Keep it nice and slow. Shoutout to Usher.

For the shoulders: Fun fact, according to Psychology Todaythe trapezoid muscles that hold up your neck weighs 10 pounds! Try to relieve this stress by inhaling and lifting your shoulders up to your ears. Hold this as long as possible. When you exhale, your shoulders should go back down with the blades moving towards each other for a good stretch. Finally, back to a relaxed state. Repeat these 2-3 times.

For the hips: Many yoga practitioners have reported that the hips are the holding place of negative emotions. It's also been found to be connected to tension in the jaw, so if you're having issues, um.. opening up either... try both tips! One way, if you have the time: do a quick 5-10 minute session of meditation. Additionally or otherwise, you could also do physical relievers such as hip-opening yoga poses (Reclining Bound Angle, Thread the Needle Pose, Happy Baby Pose, Seated Twist, and Seated with Legs Extended). Dutty wines, twerks, and just general-range of motioning the hips around in a circle are great relievers, too. If you still feel like none of these are for you, or you're still not as loose as you'd like, take a quick google and find plenty of things you can do from using tennis balls to youtube tutorials.


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