Necessary Tips And Precautions For Anal Sex Exploration April 17, 2019

For those of you interested in anal sex who may not have explored, this is for you. But there are also some important facts you anal dwellers out there may need to recall as well!

For one, don’t think of anal as an anomaly anymore. According to reports, 20% of women (20-39) and men (25-49) have explored the bootiful sensation in the last year. That’s up by nearly 10% since 1993.

Second, anal sex is more than just penetration to the glutei. It actually refers to any stimulation in the area, including fingers, tongues, toys and other stimuli on or outside of the hole.

Interested in exploring? It’s encouraged for you to start by exploring the sensation via masturbation. Try butt plugs, dildos, vibrators or your very own trusty finger to get a feel. This is a safe way to get comfortable with it on your own accord to see if you’d like to explore it further and to have a sense of what you are and aren’t comfortable with.

ILLUSTRATION: @TheBrunetteDudette

ILLUSTRATION: @TheBrunetteDudette / Instagram

Statistically, a good percentage of women have actually reported that they’ve experienced orgasms through anal sex. Experts say the reason is most likely linked to clitoral nerves in the rectum, the excitement of trying out new territory, and both internal and external stimulations (such as clitoral massages).

With that said, it’s reported many women have stronger orgasms via anal!

Here’s a bit of a necessary tip:

Always clean thoroughly after the act. Use soap and water.

Even more important: do NOT use the same condom for vaginal insertion as anal insertion. To say the least, save yourself the trouble of bacterial infections. Protect yourself and your partner, then you’ll REALLY be happy.

Trust us on this. 


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