5 Instagrams You Should Be Following To Boost Your Self-Love & Sex Life April 25, 2019

Although social media is often criticized for being too judgy, too invasive and too personal-- those who make the best use of its time know that it can be one of the greatest sources of empowerment, too.

Whether you're interested in losing weight or gaining muscles, switching up your diet, finding love, changing careers, or simply engaging with like-minded persons, you can literally find your tribe on any social platform if you know where to look!

For those of you who may be in need of a boost to your self-love and sex life, I have a few suggestions below. Feel free to send us some of your own favorites after following us on the socials, too!  

Necessary Tips And Precautions For Anal Sex Exploration April 17, 2019

For those of you interested in anal sex who may not have explored, this is for you. But there are also some important facts you anal dwellers out there may need to recall as well!

For one, don’t think of anal as an anomaly anymore. According to reports, 20% of women (20-39) and men (25-49) have explored the bootiful sensation in the last year. That’s up by nearly 10% since 1993.

14 Tweets That Accurately Depict Love And Marriage (And Everything In Between) March 17, 2019

Love and marriage have been known as the pentacle of societal goals for centuries. It wasn't until recent decades where this notion that one must be married to reach one's full potential has been thrown out by men and women, alike. Of course-- we're thankful that women are being seen as more valuable in the world than an accessory for reproduction! But to say that finding your life partner isn't desired would be a definite stretch for most. Even so, marriage and partnerships are known to have their own challenges. 

Here are 14 tweets that accurately depict love and marriage and everything else in-between!

5 Incognito Sex Toys For Your Daily Routine January 27, 2019

Let's be honest... sometimes your stressful day could really use a quick solution. What's the easiest way to calm tf down than some sexual pleasure?

If your main concern is getting caught at work, around town, or just on the go with your favorite little toy and being embarrassed beyond belief (which we disapprove of but understand)-- we have a bit of a shortcut.

Here's How To Release Body Stress For A Good Night January 21, 2019

 Men and women alike tend to hold stress in all parts of their body that often get in the way of a healthy, productive day. Of course, sex is known as a helpful tactic to alleviate that stress, but if you've ever experienced a passionate night of tight hips, then you know it doesn't always help.

Here are some tips -- not just for sex, but for an overall great night or morning -- to release that tension in your body for overall greater body health.