“I created the Moi Box Deluxe out of embarrassment."

One mortifying day, my personal organizer accidentally discovered my collection of pleasure products in my dresser drawer. The entire moment lasted seconds but in my head it went on for an eternity. I asked where do people hide sex toys and she couldn’t think of anything in particular. After all, most people just throw their toys in the nightstand.

“Shame has no place in pleasure.”

I started thinking: sex toys deserve better than a shameful, messy hiding place. Most people find places to hide their sex toys by burrowing them – in a sock drawer, in the back of the closet, in a Huggies box (yes, we have heard it all). But why bury what makes you feel good? Why bring shame into sex? I wanted something that was both functional and elegant enough to be kept out of the drawer.

I searched the interwebs and found nothing. Out of options, I went to my local sex shop and asked if they had any organizational products. The clerk said no. A lightbulb went off and just like that the Moi Box Deluxe was born.

“It’s important our designs reflect the feminine and masculine aspects of sexual expression.”

Not every woman loves pink. Very few men will be turned on by your bedazzled pink lunch box with stickers on it. At Plume, we are lovers of clean, modern design.

How do you make a sensual product that will appeal to both men and women? You hire a man who takes has an inclusive view on design.

I found Arsenio Garcia – a gifted industrial designer who’s collaborated with companies like Herman Miller, Toshiba, Coca-Cola and Starbucks – to design the box. His work has been featured in publications such as Vogue Italia, Time Magazine, Fast Company and Oprah Magazine and has received many prestigious design awards. I knew he’d give our products the clean, stylish look we wanted. And he did.

“Our product is more than a great place to hide your vibrator.”

Plume’s mission is to provide products of high value for those who care equally about aesthetics, quality and pleasure.

As the first adult brand approved by Kickstarter, we are dedicated to elevating the conversation of sex and pleasure. Sex is humanly beautiful, not dirty.

Our vision is for everyone to define their sexual expression, and to be empowered and free in that expression. Do you!

About Our Founder

Covered by Fast Company, Tech Crunch, and Huffington Post, the Moi Box Deluxe launched Lidia’s reputation as a design innovator, change agent and sought after expert. She speaks on topics ranging from sex in communities of color and dismantling sexual taboos to the nuts and bolts of turning an idea into a real product. She is also one of the founder of the Women of Sex Tech, an inclusive community of global leaders in the sex tech industry. 

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that, in her former career as a compliance and regulatory expert, Lidia worked with various “naughty” financial institutions. Raised in Miami, she calls Brooklyn home. Her spirits animals include Beyoncé, Rihanna, and the entire cast of the Golden Girls.

our happy customers

  • Exactly what my wife was looking for for her toy collection. Secure and looks good on the nightstand.

    -- Francisco R.
  • Great product. Even better service... quick response, fair and helpfull. Quite impressed. Do recommend.

    -- Stipan P.
  • Perfect size, keeps everything clean and in one place. Couldn't be happier!

    -- Michelle D.

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