7 Day Pleasure Pivot Masterclass

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Permission to Pivot

7 Day Pleasure Pivot Masterclass
7 Day Pleasure Pivot Masterclass

7 Day Pleasure Pivot Masterclass

$ 29.00

Step out of overwhelm and into action with this magical course.

Transform your one thing in your life in just 7 days with this thought provoking and engaging curriculum. Through daily exercises and and videos, you will be guided through the steps of bringing lasting change to one aspect of your life. 

You will get daily emails around 5 am in your time zone. 


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Where are you meant to pivot now?

After weeks of quarantine, a lot of alone time, and big life questions, a lot of us could use an ear to talk through what we want next.

Nothing happens overnight, but it does start with a real plan: what it takes emotionally, financially, and physically to go after your dream. 

Spend 7 days with me and let’s dive into what will make your life less stressful, more enjoyable, and actually pleasurable.

Free with the purchase of the Moi Box to keep your most sacred items private (because who couldn’t use a release after all of this!)

My Pivot Story

Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Lidia Bonilla. Some people call me a “pleasure strategist”, but really I just care about helping women get what they want out of life.

I invented the Moi Box Deluxe that allowed people to own sex toys without embarrassment. I started in 2013, becoming the first “adult” brand to get approved for a campaign on Kickstarter. 

7 years later, I’m closing House of Plume and making my own pivot into helping women like you create lives full of power, pleasure, and intimacy.

I've dedicated myself to developing a 6 week powerful program, The Pleasure Reset, to allow women to do just that.

What Others Say

“After sharing with my new partner, as Lidia had coached me to do, I now see how having transparency allows for a kind of space of genuine communication that I haven't had in my previous relationships at such an early stage.”

Laurie H. 

Owner of a Pediatric Dental Practice

"Lidia listened to me with an intuitive ear, and knew just what to focus on, just what questions to ask, to help me uncover a path to goal setting without fear. In just one session, I felt so much better about my own potential, and the following sessions were just as inspired. I highly recommend her as a life coach, motivational consultant, and all around generator of hope.”

Amma W.

Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer

As I pivot from being a product inventor, I invite you to a 7 day preview (complimentary with your Moi Box purchase) of my signature program, The Pleasure Reset.

With everything that’s stressed you out about being in quarantine, I want you to experience what it means to transform one thing about your life in just 7 days..

Take a step forward if: 

  • your soul is calling for change, but you don't know where to start 
  • you need support navigating recent change 
  • you want to know how to rebuild your life using pleasure 


Find out to how to transform your life in 7 days

Day 1 - What do you want to pivot?

  • Create your definition of a pivot.
  • Choose one area of your life to focus on.  
  • Declare what you desire.

Day 2 - Release guilt
and shame

  • Forgive yourself for not having the outcome you wanted by now 
  • Let go of regret and shame to make space for your desires.  

Day 3 - Do what you believe 

  • Dive into the limiting beliefs that are subconsciously sabotaging your success. 
  • Release what holds you back and create a new practice that will propel you forward.

Day 4 - Take Stock 

  • Reverse engineer your way to gratitude by examining what you have and what you need to meet your goal
  • Examine your relationships to determine who could support you with your goal.

Day 5 - Energize and Prioritize 

  • Make room for the better life you are creating. 
  • Determine where your schedule is out of alignment with your goals.  
  • Create a new way to deal with things that drain your energy. 

Day 6 - Harness the power of your intuition 

  • Learn an easy way to free you from analysis paralysis.
  • Tap into your own inner wisdom to guide you to action.
  • Create an actionable pivot plan that you will continue to build on. 

Day 1 - What do you want to pivot?

  • Create your definition of a pivot.
  • Choose one area of your life to focus on.  
  • Declare what you desire.

Your deep dive into transforming your life is in...